Net Neutrality and Regulatory Economics

Professor and information law scholar Susan Crawford, author of Captive Audience (hardcover, paperback, Kindle e-book) was invited to speak at UC San Diego for the annual DeWitt Higgs Memorial Lecture. The topic of her nearly an hour long lecture was on the focus of what we would refer to as Net Neutrality in the realm of wireless and wired internet access between customers and online information through means of oligarchy and monopolistic service providers. The entire lecture can be watched in the video below.

Retaining Government Power to Make Economic Policy
for Internet Access: Role of the First Amendment.

DESCRIPTION: High-speed Internet access providers claim that government-imposed limitations on their activities raise serious constitutional concerns. But given the current absence of either competition or oversight in this market, providers are poised to have the market power to “edit” digital communications seen by users. Visiting Harvard Law School Professor and information law scholar Susan Crawford explores the current debate, elaborating on why there is a critical need for federal oversight of the cable industry to preserve the quality and reliability of high-speed internet access in America. Series: “DeWitt Higgs Memorial Lecture”. (


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